Naturally Raised, Grass Fed Angus Beef

No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Reduced Fat/Cholesterol
Increased Omega-3s and CLA

90% of the cattle raised in the US for beef are fed hormones and antibiotics. Why? The hormones allow them the grow quicker, so that huge operations can move their inventory faster, for better profits. The antibiotics are needed to prevent disease, as the cattle are raised in less than ideal conditions, kept in close quarters where bacteria move from one cattle to another easily. The copious amounts of grain they are fed do damage to their digestive tracts and increase the likelihood of the dangerous E. coli 0157:H7 strain. That strain is virtually eliminated when cattle are taken off a grain-fed diet.

Our cattle have access to pasture most of the year. We use no antibiotics or hormones in the raising of our Angus Beef. We sell Angus steaks, roasts, and burger by individual cuts or by bulk(whole/half/quarter) throughout the year, or at the Farmers' Markets in Cumberland and Frostburg, Maryland during the summer.

We are a licensed food processor in the state of Maryland. We can provide your restaurant or organization with grass fed beef at wholesale prices.

Our inventory constantly changes. We attempt to have a variety of roasts, steaks, stew meat, and plenty of burger on hand at all times.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Email is our preferred method for inventory inquiries, but you may call and leave a message if you prefer.

Bulk Sales
Save some money! Our wholesale beef program allows individuals to purchase a large amount of beef for a low cost. You get all the cuts that are available from the animal, including:

  • Porterhouse (steaks)
  • T-Bone (steaks)
  • Ribeye (steaks or roasts)
  • Chuck (steaks, roasts, or burger)
  • Sirloin (steaks, roasts, or burger)
  • Delmonico
  • Brisket
  • Short Ribs
  • Rump (rolled, regular, or burger)
  • Rounds (steaks, roasts, or burger)
  • Arms and Neck (roasts or burger)